The Association for European Slovenia expresses condolences to the families of the victims of the brutal and barbarian terrorist attack on the members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The Association also expresses solidarity with the French people and stands united with all freedom-loving nations of the world who have condemned this atrocity. The Association for European Slovenia promotes the values of value-based liberalism, whereby freedom of press ranks highest. 2015 did not start well for Europe, with the fears of prolonged economic stagnation, deflationary spiral, now combined with terrorist attacks looming large and engendering an increasing sense of insecurity in the peoples of Europe. It is at this point when Europeans have to show our joined strengths, the seeds of our shared identity and to push for welfare and wellbeing of all our co-citizens and co-residents. 2015 might be a decisive year for the European Union, in which the project could pave its way towards its long-term viability or, alternatively, to a gradual, but standing regression. In the Association for European Slovenia we will work hard with anyone who feels strong about the importance of the first, positive scenario.

Association for European Slovenia, 9th of January 2015